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starfield hyperspace.png

GAMERS is a sitcom set around the world of online fantasy roleplay gaming.


Expelled from a team of experienced ‘questers’ and finding himself blacklisted by veteran gamers, a 30-year-old slacker assembles an unlikely team of novices and misfits in a quest for redemption and glory.


The series will take a lot of cues from the Sports Movie genre. Essentially it’s about an underdog team of misfits (think DODGEBALL), trying to compete against superior opponents and be the best they can be. It’s partly a comedy of nerd-dom, yes, but it’s also about aspiration, purpose, the desire to make something of oneself, even if that transformation takes place in a fantasy reality, and the desire to socialise and bond with other human beings, even if those bonds are made with total strangers across the internet .


status: pitch / outlining


The set-up is loosely inspired by internet hero Leeroy Jenkins,

41 million views and counting (see video below).

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