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I write for film and television.

I'm based in London.

After graduating in English Literature, I landed my first job in film on a Philip Pulman adaptation shooting in my home town of Oxford. The following year, as a runner at Ridley Scott Associates, I was drawn to the goings-on upstairs at Scott Free, the London HQ of a directing legend, and by the appeal of working in the realm of scripts, story, and writers.


I studied script development with the National Film & Television School, worked widely as a script reader and in development roles for BBC Drama Production, Bandit Television, Far Moor Media, and most recently as a development executive for 87 Films, script editing on Wild Bill (42 for ITV). 


In 2016, whilst script editing on Tang dynasty detective series The Judge Dee Mysteries, based on the classic novels by Robert van Gulik, I was commissioned to devise and write an original episode, ‘The Bath House Murder’.

In 2020, my spec script The Last Man in Europe – a feature-length drama about the last years of George Orwell and the writing of Nineteen Eighty-Four – was picked up by veteran producer Hilary Salmon through newly launched indie The Lighthouse.


Other active projects include Finding Satoshi – a neo-noir-inspired drama-doc diving into the brave new world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, developed with funding from HBO Docs. I am attached to write a contemporary adaptation of Cyril Hare’s golden age detective novel An English Murder, produced by Atar Productions.


Other projects leading a varied and lively slate include Election! – a satire based on a 1997 memoir by political journalist John Sweeney; and By Persons Unknown – a true crime drama based on historical events taking place in 1980s South Africa.

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