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half-hour comedy series, returning


HALLOWBRIDGE is a dilapidated Jacobean manor house in deepest rural England. Its sole living occupant is Bertie Fellwyn, a lifelong bachelor and last of the Fellwyns – an old aristocratic family with a convoluted and colourful history. A combination of the tragedies and misfortunes of war, illness, accident, bankruptcy and madness, have seen the Hallowbridge estate change hands no less than fourteen times, from one distant branch of the Fellwyn family to another. But it looks as though this long history finally comes to an end, in Bertie, the last descendant.


A quiet, gentle, loving soul (if only he had someone to love, besides his arthritic pet tortoise, Cyril), Bertie yearns for companionship. Like the antique paintings that hang in the Grand Hall, he’s a relic from another era, cut off from the modern age. And so Hallowbridge, with its countless rooms and labyrinthine extensions accumulated over the centuries, is a place of profound loneliness. The pensioners come and go once a week, hopping back on their tourist coaches, leaving Bertie alone with himself and the echoing hallways…


But Bertie is not alone, in a manner. Because there is another set of residents who call Hallowbridge home. His co-habitants are a wild and eccentric coterie of raucous epicurean revelers, old spirits young in spirit – persons non-corporeal, that is to say ‘spectral’, in nature….

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