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THE FLYING SAUCER SOCIETY  is a 21st Century romantic comedy about embracing the irrationality of love, and about our need for love (and our lives) to be extraordinary rather than mundane.


feature screenplay (2013)


Below is a 3-page extract from the feature screenplay. This sequence comes midway through the film and is sort of a play within a play (a 'masque', if you remember your A-level Shakespeare). So it stands by itself, which is why I'm pleased to share it. But it also ties in with the protagonist's journey and the themes of the overall narrative. I wouldn't say that it's a representative sample of the script, or of my writing as a whole, but I hope you will enjoy it for what it is - a playful piece of comic escapism. Finally, please bear in mind that this sample is 11 years old (circa 2013).


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