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a short science fiction comic


written by James Roblin and illustrated by Luis Tolosana



to skip the creative back story and view the comic, click here.



I met illustrator Luis Tolosana through a mutual friend back in the summer of 2014, in the shadow of Battersea Power Station. Instead of exchanging small talk (though there probably was some of this) we had a conversation which led to a creative collaboration, the results of which we are now proud to present. The story was inspired by an original illustration by Luis (see below). I have loved working in a new medium and it has been a ridiculous pleasure to have my ideas adapted and brought to life by Luis, who is just a fantastic artist and a brilliant character designer. He has his own imprint, Falcon Comics. Do - whatever you do - 'Like' the Falcon Comics Facebook page and see more of his amazing artwork here.


The result of our collaboration is a 4-page comic, a short story. Whatever its imperfections, SPACE DINER is undoubtedly a thing of beauty. A neurotic perfectionist with regard to my own works, I'm lucky enough to be able to enjoy SPACE DINER as a fan of Luis's illustrations. For me as a writer, it was a great exercise in actually making something (realising the end product rather than writing in a bubble, scribbling into the void) and I consider it a tribute and love letter to Sci-Fi, to space opera - a genre that has been close to my heart ever since I first heard the thrum and crackle of lightsabers echoing from a galaxy far, far away.


Disclaimers: I have struggled to find a decent means of displaying the comic online. It deserves to be seen in full-page glory as well as in close detail, which for laptops and mobile devices is a tough ask. The controls are a little tricky (IMO) but please - take your time and give our comic the looking-over it deserves. Finally, I must point out that in the version published here, I chose to experiment with some colouring not wholly endorsed by Luis! So, for better or worse, the colouring's on me.


You may feast your eyes on SPACE DINER by clicking on the image at the top of this page. Or here.


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